Still Life

Still life of prayer, mala beads
Meditation still life

Candle with beads for meditation

Ikebana flower arranging scissors

Ikebana flower arranging

Wool yarn background

Woolen yarn for knitting

Pastel Ranunculus blossoms

Ranunculus flowers

Green tea still life

Cup of green tea

Still life of golden bowl with pink dahlia petals

Pink dahlia petals

Button on shirt

Button on gingham shirt

Bowl detail

Closeup of bowl

Knitting still life

Blue yarn

Money still life

Roll of one hundred dollar bills

Knitting still life

Skein of brown yarn with knitting needles

Matcha tea still life

Matcha tea powder with bamboo whisk

Spoon of maca powder

Raw maca powder

Two gold wedding rings

Two wedding rings

Stack of valentines

Letters sealed with heart shaped seal

Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle with whole spices